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  In 1953 Lord Intruder, a forgotten calypso musician from Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean Sea, performed his "Jumbie Jamberee" at the Old Brigade Calypso Tent in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The song was about spirits dancing "back to back, belly to belly" in a cemetery. Intruder had the lyrics printed in a calypso book but never recorded it. This song was first performed live in Trinidad in 1953 by Lord Intruder, and being unaware of copyright law, did not publish or record his song. The Mighty Charmer and King Flash first recorded the song in the 1950s in the United States, where the reference to the Trinidad graveyard was swapped out for Woodlawn Cemetary in New York. The song became widely known as the "Zombie Jamboree" during the late 1950s, with recordings by the Kingston Trio, Lord Jellicoe, Harry Belafonte, Bob Marley and the Wailers, (as Jumbie Jamboree), Rockapella, and others.  The dancers, like the little pink bunny, are still trucking along, but most are definitely not quite right.

The Zombie Jamboree

The Official Jamboree Dancers
Iggy Pop - The singer for the Stooges. Iggy Pop is considered The Godfather of Punk.
Jim Skafish - Leader of the somewhat quirky Chicago band Skafish.
Johnny Winter - Blues guitarist, started performing with his brother Edgar Winter, both were born albino.
Keith Richards - Guitarist for the ever touring Rolling Stones.
Kelly Osbourne - Ozzie's daughter, enough said.
King Stitt - Jaimica's oldest living Dee-Jay
Lemmy Kilmister - The founding member of the heavy metal band Motörhead.
Lyle Lovett - The ex- mister Julie Roberts, and an excellent singer, songwriter of the Texas Swing genre.
Marilyn Manson - His stage name comes from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.
Patti Smith - singer-songwriter, poet and artist of the early Punk rock scene.
Shane Mcgowan - Singer for the Irish band the Pogues.
Steven Tyler - Lead singer and lyricist of Boston's premier rock band Aerosmith.
Jocelyn Wildenstein - Not a musician but a dancer nonetheless.
The Zombies - '60s rock group; recently re-formed.
Jack Osbourne - Ozzie's son, Kelly's brother, his mom's son, etc......
Boy George - Strange Dude? . Recently spotted working on community service chain gang.
Rob Zombie - Heavy Metal musician and film director.
Lord Jellicoe & His Calypso Monarchs - circa 1965, on B.R.A. records.

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