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 Acoustic Finesse - Top Fingerstyle Guitarists

 An individual's skill on the acoustic guitar is not just a matter of speed, although speed is impressive, it is more about their control, accuracy, and self expression, or their "finesse". The following is Aces and Eighths selection of our favorites, and while many of these performers are known to you, hopefully we can introduce you to someone new. This list is not complete by any means, as there are many phenomenal musicians out there today, if you have any suggestions submit them here and we'll be happy to feature an article on them. The performers listed are just the ones we like because of their unique interpretation on the art form of acoustic fingerstyle and is not meant to slight any one's particular favorite.

Submitted performers are featured Here.

Andy Mckee - Drifting

Andy McKee (born in 1979 in Topeka, Kansas, is an American finger style guitarist currently signed to the American record label Candyrat Records. His style of playing and his compositions have earned him a considerable international fan base; in late 2006, a live performance of his flagship song "Drifting" became a Featured Video on YouTube and MySpace, achieving over 21,000,000 views on the former to date and remaining one of its highest rated music clips. 'Artist Discography'

Richard Thompson - Vincent Black Lightning 1952

Richard Thompson is a British songwriter, guitar player and recording and performing musician. Thompson is especially well regarded as a guitar player. He was named in the top 20 in Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In 1991 he was awarded the Orville H. Gibson award for best acoustic guitar player. Thompson's songwriting has been recognized by an Ivor Novello Award and, in 2006, a lifetime achievement award from BBC Radio. Richard Thompson made his debut as a recording artist as a member of Fairport Convention in September 1967. He continues to write and record new material and performs live frequently throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. 'Artist Discography'

Adrian Legg - Cajun Interlude

Adrian Legg is an English guitar player who has been called "impossible to categorize". He plays custom guitars that are a hybrid of electric and acoustic, and his unparalleled finger style picking technique has been acknowledged by the readers of Guitar Player who voted Legg the "best acoustic finger style" player four years in a row (1993–1996).From his early start as a bench technician customizing electric guitars, Legg moved into guitar instruction, publishing books and videos on guitar technique. In 1996 and 1997, Legg shared the stage with acclaimed guitar experts Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai as part of the G3 tour. Vai called Legg "Uncle Adrian"and Satriani said of Legg's musicianship "He's simply the best acoustic guitar player I've ever heard. I don't know anyone else who can create such a cascade of beautiful notes... Adrian plays like he's got hammers for fingers. 'Artist Discography'

Erik Mongrain - PercusienFa

Erik Mongrain is a Canadian composer and guitarist. He uses a unique acoustic style including a two-handed lap tapping technique on the acoustic guitar. Erik Mongrain taught himself guitar at the age of 14. As a boy he was mostly interested in sports, but picked up an interest in the guitar and began to teach himself to play by ear. Erik started out playing the electric guitar, but developed an interest in classical and acoustic guitar after hearing the work of Johann Sebastian Bach. Erik taught himself to read music, and began composing. 'Artist Discography'

Leo Kottke - Medley

Leo Kottke is an acoustic guitarist. He is widely known for his innovative finger picking style, which draws on influences from blues, jazz, and folk music, and his syncopated, polyphonic melodies. Kottke has overcome a series of personal obstacles including partial loss of hearing and a nearly career-ending bout with tendon damage in his hand to emerge as a widely-recognized master of his instrument. Focusing primarily on instrumental composition and playing, Kottke has sporadically moved in a vocal direction, singing in an unconventional yet expressive baritone famously self-described as sounding like "geese farts on a muggy day". In concert, Kottke intersperses humorous and often bizarre monologues with vocal and instrumental selections from throughout his career, played solo on his signature 6 and 12-string guitars. 'Artist Discography'

Terry Rob - Acoustic Blues

Terry Robb is considered to be one of the top acoustic blues guitarists on the West Coast, Terry Robb is also an inventive and ever-evolving American primitive master. As an heir to the late, great John Fahey’s musical legacy, Robb is an established icon in a pantheon that includes Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Renbourn, and Stefan Grossman. Terry Robb began his career in Portland as a hot-shot guitar-slinger who could play any style of music and excel at them all. At an early age, inspired by his uncle, a professional swing guitarist, Robb immersed himself in all the blues, ragtime, folk, jazz, and country music he could lay his guitar-picking fingers on. In college, he studied music theory with the Czechoslovakian modern classical composer Tomas Svoboda; but once classes ended, Robb hit the road with Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart alumnus Ramblin’ Rex Jakabosky, who taught him new theories: the ropes of the Northwest club scene. 'Artist Discography'

Justin King - Knock on Wood

Justin King is an American musician from Eugene, Oregon, best recognized for his percussive acoustic guitar style which consists of a variety of influences ranging from jazz to Celtic music. Currently, King focuses on performing rock music with his band. Inspired by Nirvana, he began playing guitar around age 14 and wrote and performed songs with his current bassist, Drew Dresman. After mastering the drums, King began to focus on acoustic guitar at age 19, and in 1999 he released his self-titled album, followed by Opening in 2000. Both are currently out-of-print, and King currently has no intent to reissue these albums. 'Artist Discography'

Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie

Tommy Emmanuel is an Australian guitarist, best known for his complex fingerpicking style, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. By the age of 9, in 1964, he was a working professional musician. Recognizing the musical talents of Tommy and his brother Phil, their father created a family band, sold the family home and took his family on the road. With the family living in two station wagons, much of Emmanuel’s childhood was spent touring Australia with his family, playing rhythm guitar, and rarely going to school. The family found it difficult living on the road; they were poor and were often hungry, never settling in one place. His father would often drive ahead, organize interviews, advertising and finding the local music shop where they'd have an impromptu concert the next day. Eventually the New South Wales Department of Education insisted that the Emmanuel children needed to go to school regularly. 'Artist Discography'

Additions to this list, (from suggestions and submissions), can be found here " Acoustic Finesse - The Sequel" . Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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