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Music Magazines

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Rolling Stone - is a United States-based magazine devoted to music, politics, and popular culture that is published every two weeks. Rolling Stone was founded in San Francisco in 1967 by Jann Wenner (who is still editor and publisher) and music critic Ralph J. Gleason.
  The magazine was known for its political coverage beginning in the 1970s, with the enigmatic and controversial gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Rolling Stone changed its format in the 1990s to appeal to younger readers, often focusing on young television or film actors and pop music. This led to criticism that the magazine was emphasizing style over substance. In recent years, the magazine has resumed its traditional mix of content, including in-depth political stories, and has seen circulation rise.
  Rolling Stone has evolved over the years, but certain features regarded as the hallmarks of the magazine have remained intact. Features such as "National Affairs" which has been around since the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Klein, and "Rock and Roll" are still published in the magazine today.

Billboard - is a weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry. It maintains several internationally recognized music charts that track the most popular songs and albums in various categories on a weekly basis. Among the two most important charts, the Billboard Hot 100, ranks the top 100 songs regardless of genre and is frequently used as the standard measure for ranking songs in the United States, while the Billboard 200 survey is the corresponding chart for album sales. Billboard magazine covers every aspect of the music business, from radio and television to CD, DVD and video cassette sales and internet music downloads. It features news stories and opinion articles. For the most part, Billboard is intended for music professionals, such as record label executives and DJs. It is generally not intended for the general public, although it can occasionally be found at bookstores. However, despite their extensive coverage of the entertainment business, they remain best known for their charts. When founded in Cincinnati in 1894, Billboard Advertising magazine was a trade paper for the bill posting industry, hence the magazine's name.

Spin - is a music magazine. Founded in 1985 by publisher Bob Guccione Jr., it competes with industry stalwart Rolling Stone. Madonna was the artist on the cover of the first issue.
  In its early years, the magazine was noted for its broad music coverage with an emphasis on college-oriented rock music and on the ongoing emergence of hip-hop. The magazine was eclectic and bold, if sometimes haphazard. It pointedly provided a national alternative to the Rolling Stone's more establishment-oriented style. Spin prominently placed newer artists such as R.E.M., Prince, Run-D.M.C., The Eurythmics, Beastie Boys, and Talking Heads, on its covers and did lengthy features on established figures such as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and John Lee Hooker—Bart Bull's article on Hooker won the magazine its first major award.

Mojo - is a popular music magazine published by Bauer, monthly in the United Kingdom. Mojo was first published on 15 October 1993; in keeping with its classic rock aesthetic, the first issue had Bob Dylan and John Lennon as its first cover stars. Often criticized for its frequent coverage of classic rock acts such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan, it has nevertheless featured many newer and "left-field" acts. More recently, the magazine has taken to publishing many "Top 100" lists, including the subjects of drug songs, rock epics, protest songs and even the most miserable songs of all time. To celebrate 150 issues, the magazine published a "Top 100 Albums of Mojo's Lifetime" list (essentially 1993 onwards).

Q - is a music magazine published monthly in the United Kingdom. Founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth were dismayed by the music press of the time, which they felt was ignoring a generation of older music buyers. Modeled after Rolling Stone, Q was first published in 1986, setting itself apart from much of the other music press with monthly production and higher standards of photography and printing. In the early years, the magazine was sub-titled "The modern guide to music and more". The magazine has an extensive review section, featuring: new releases (music), reissues (music), music compilations, film and live concert reviews, as well as radio and television reviews. It uses a star rating system from one to five stars; indeed, the rating an album receives in Q is often added to print and television advertising for the album in the UK and Ireland. It also compiles a list of approximately eight albums, which it classes as the best new releases of the last three months. Much of the magazine is devoted to interviews with popular musical artists. Every issue of Q has a different message on the spine. Readers then try to work out what the message has to do with the contents of the mag.

Paste - is a monthly music and entertainment magazine published in the United States by Paste Media Group LLC. Its tagline is "Signs of Life in Music, Film and Culture." Although Paste's focus is music, covering a variety of genres with an emphasis on adult album alternative, Americana and indie rock, the magazine also covers independent film. Each issue includes a CD music sampler. The magazine, headquartered in Decatur, Georgia, was founded as a quarterly in July 2002 by Josh Jackson, Nick Purdy and Tim Porter. It switched to a bimonthly format amid increased popularity and the addition of Joe Kirk to the managing team, and continued to grow in 2005 when Paste fulfilled remaining subscriptions for competing magazine Tracks, which had ceased publication of its print edition. Paste became a monthly with its August 2006 issue.

The Wire - is a British avant garde music magazine, founded in 1982 by jazz promoter Anthony Wood and journalist Chrissie Murray. The magazine initially concentrated on contemporary jazz and improvised music, but branched out in the early 1990s to various types of experimental music. Apart from the numerous album reviews every month, the magazine is known for features such as The Invisible Jukebox, an interview conducted by way of unknown tracks being played to an artist and The Primer, an in depth article on a genre or act. It also features the avant music scene of a particular city every issue. In addition to its musical focus, the magazine also likes to investigate cover art and mixed media artistic works.

Blender - is an American music magazine that bills itself as "the ultimate guide to music and more". It is also known for sometimes steamy pictorials of female celebrities.It compiles lists of albums, artists, and songs, including both "best of" lists and "worst of" lists. In each issue, there is a review of an artist's entire discography, with each album being analyzed in turn. The magazine began in 1994 as the first digital CD-ROM magazine by Jason Pearson, David Cherry & Regina Joseph, acquired by Felix Dennis/Dennis Publishing, UK it published 15 digital CD issues, and launched on the web in 1997. It started publishing a print edition again in 1999 in its current form. Blender CD-ROM showcased the earliest digital editorial formats, as well as the first forms of digital advertising.

Relix Magazine - was launched by Les Kippel in 1974, stemming from the underground network of Grateful Dead concert-goers who taped and traded live recordings. The newsletter was originally distributed under the name Dead Relix and featured hand-drawn black and white concept artwork covers created by artist Gary Kroman. Averaging 20 pages per issue, the articles focused on taping tips and Grateful Dead news. In 1980, under the influence of new Publisher and Editor in Chief Toni Brown, it took a change in direction. While it maintained its focus on the Grateful Dead, the magazine also found room to cover genres as divergent as blues, reggae, bluegrass, and jazz, as well as non-music issues. It was during the late '80s to mid-'90s that Relix established its reputation as a magazine that "broke" new acts. After the death of Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia and the subsequent break-up of the band, Relix slowly moved its emphasis away from the Grateful Dead to coverage of other jambands and non-mainstream types of music.

MusicDish - is an e-journal that tackles the emerging issues facing the online music industry as it enters the digital era. Renowned for its analysis by industry experts and audio interviews with leaders in the new industry, the publications also features one of the largest indie review sections and columns on succeeding in this controversial & precedent setting industry.

Music Box - is a daily music and entertainment magazine that was founded in 1994. Its aim is to explore the world of pop culture through critical analysis and commentary. Featuring concert, album, book, film, and DVD reviews as well as news, concert listings, interviews and feature articles, streaming audio and video, and contest giveaways, The Music Box covers a wide array of genres including indie rock, blues, jazz, jam bands, bluegrass, singer-songwriters, country, folk, and pop.

Alternate Music Press - Multimedia music magazine covering ambient, jazz, classical, world music, fusion, new age, and acoustic music with reviews, features & news

Musician - The Musician's Guide is a valuable resource for touring and gigging musicians . More than 6000 updated contacts:It's everything the working musician needs to book gigs, contact record labels, find a manager, locate tour services, and more.


Musician Oriented Magazines


Guitar Player - is a popular magazine for guitarists. It contains articles, interviews, reviews and lessons of an eclectic collection of artists, genres and products. It has been in print since the late 1960s and is currently edited by Michael Molenda. Guitar Player is a part of the Music Player Network. A typical issue of Guitar Player includes in-depth artist features, extensive lessons, gear and music reviews, letters to the magazine, and various front-of-book articles. Guitar Player's has a policy of featuring many styles of guitarists, as opposed to other magazines, and is oriented towards rock music.

Guitar World - is a monthly music magazine devoted to guitarists. It contains original interviews, album and gear reviews and guitar and bass tablature of approximately five songs each month. The magazine is published 13 times per year (12 monthly issues and a holiday issue).
  The magazine debuted in July 1980, with Johnny Winter appearing on the cover. In its 28 year history, Guitar World has had interviews with some of the most influential guitarists in rock, including Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Arthur Rhames, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen who has been featured on the cover 16 times, and twice on subsidiary magazine Guitar Legends.

Acoustic Guitar - is a monthly magazine published in the United States since July/August 1990 by String Letter Publishing. The magazine offers information related to acoustic guitars for players of all levels from beginners to teachers. Each issue includes a half dozen or so songs with notation and tablature, lessons, product reviews and interviews of prominent acoustic musicians. The magazine boasts a readership of approximately 64,000 and is widely available throughout North America. The magazine is sponsor or co-sponsor of a number of music festivals, workshops and trade related events. Since 1995, its annual Acoustic Cafe Concert at NAMM has featured a diverse field of notable musicians.

Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine - is a resource for fingerstyle music and technique. Each issue features the best of fingerstyle guitarists, transcriptions, workshops, features, spotlights, reviews and more. Each issue includes a free bonus CD which contains tracks by the featured artists and Enhanced CD content such as: PDF Transcriptions, MP3's, Videos, Lessons, Software, and more....

Bassics Magazine - is the sister magazine to Fingerstyle Guitar. It is committed to providing high-quality, multi-media instruction through feature articles and master workshops hosted by recognized and respected leaders in the bass community. Geared primarily towards the bass player.

FlatPicking Guitar Magazine - is a bi-monthly periodical, and companion audio CD, dedicated to presenting all aspects of the art of flatpicking the acoustic guitar, as pioneered by such great guitarists as Doc Watson, Clarence White, Norman Blake, Tony Rice, and Dan Crary. Our goal is to help you increase your own skill level and enjoyment of this fine art as it pertains to the musical genres of bluegrass, old-time, folk, Celtic, Western swing, gypsy jazz, new acoustic music, and acoustic rock.

Bass Player Magazine - is for serious musicians who play either electric or acoustic bass. Each monthly issue of Bass Player features how-to articles on technique, interviews with leading musicians, and reviews of bass equipment, instructional videos, books and CDs.



Modern Drummer - is the oldest magazine devoted to the subject of drumming and percussion. Published independently by Modern Drummer Publications Inc. the magazine put out its first issue in 1977. The magazine is published monthly and each issue presents interviews with notable players as well as articles on technique and equipment reviews. Each year Modern Drummer publishes its annual reader poll of the year's best performers in a variety of categories such as jazz, funk, rock and Latin.

Drum! - is a contemporary pop/punk/rock/urban drumming magazine published monthly. A leading magazine for today's young drummers and hand percussionists. Each issue is packed with lessons, product reviews, helpful equipment tips and no-holds-barred artist interviews. When something new happens in the world of drumming read about it first in Drum!

Not So Modern Drummer - is dedicated to vintage and custom drums of all shapes and sizes.



Piano Today - For pianists with an interest in Classical Music and Jazz, the publication is filled with intriguing things to play: great pieces from all eras and styles, jazz arrangements by today's top artists, inside stories, lessons and playing tips, and a whole section just for beginning level. It's a masterpiece of a magazine!

Keyboard Magazine - is a magazine that originally covered electronic keyboard instruments and keyboardists, though with the advent of computer based recording and audio technology they have added digital music technology to their regular coverage, including those not strictly pertaining to the keyboard related instruments. Keyboard offers reviews of the features, pricing, and artist endorsements for gear used during the production of both analog and digital production of music.



Mix Magazine Online - is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology. In addition, Mix includes coverage of facility design and construction, location recording, tape/disc manufacturing, education, and other topics of importance to audio professionals.

TapeOp - Tape Op is a free magazine that's supported by advertisers. Tape Op was started in 1996 by former Vomit Launch bassist Larry Crane, a highly regarded studio engineer in Portland, Oregon who now runs Jackpot! Recording Studios. It bills itself as a magazine about "creative music recording" and each issue comes packed with interviews, home recording ideas and reviews of recordings made by readers. Beginning its life as a hand-stapled 'zine in the punk rock, Do-It-Yourself tradition, Tape Op has evolved into a full-length, semi-monthly magazine.

Recording Magazine - is a monthly magazine published in the United States, available by subscription and distribution throughout North America. You can find the magazine in major bookstores. Recording offers a fascinating and useful blend of topical articles, how-to columns, tough yet balanced reviews, interviews, news, DIY guides, critiques of readers’ recordings, and much more.

EQ Magazine - is the definitive source for audio and home recording studio equipment and software. Information covers all of your music and digital recording requirements and studios from New York to Los Angeles.



Performing Songwriter - Each issue contains exclusive content that helps the music makers create and perform, and the music lovers find out about the music, processes and artists that they are so passionate about. Presented in gorgeous design filled with intricate details, Performing Songwriter is divided into six sections: Interviews, Special Features, Community Musings, Tools of the Trade, Listenings, All Access.

American Songwriter - provides in-depth interviews with up-and-coming, established and legendary songwriters; discussions with performance rights organizations and copyright law; and interviews with publishers, producers, A&R executives and other industry representatives who have something of interest to say to our readers. American Songwriter strives to serve as the unparalleled source of inspiration for passionate music fans and songwriters alike, by exploring all genres of music. American Songwriter covers all genres of music, from country to hip-hop, folk to classical, rock to pop, blues to electronica and soul to r&b.


Genre Specific Magazines

Alternative | Blues | Country | Folk | Industrial | Jazz | Metal  | Punk  | R & B  | Hip HopReggae  | Rock & Pop


Pitchfork Media - Pitchfork is famous for record reviews which are thoughtful and in-depth yet often scathing and overly critical. A strong authority on indie and alternative music, Pitchfork also offers an up-to-the-minute news blog, event reviews, and feature stories.

Fader Magazine - The voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it. In the ten years since this magazine was founded, The Fader has always been about looking ahead, being fearlessly enthused about breaking-out musicians and artists.

Magnet Magazine - Gives attention to musicians largely ignored by mainstream publications. Magnet publishes a quarterly print magazine, available by subscription and in bookstores and record stores worldwide. Since 1993, MAGNET has covered independent music through artist profiles, critical reviews, in-depth features and bold photography.

Prefix Magazine - Daily music news, interviews, reviews, mp3s, and videos about indie rock, hip hop, and electronic music.

SoundsXP - Alternative music webzine featuring reviews, news, interviews, and forums.

WeirdMusic.net - E-zine dedicated to weird and creative indie music, also providing an Internet PR and music promotion service. Read about weird music artists and download CDs and MP3s.


Blueswax - The Largest Subscribed Blues Publication in the World. The BluesWax ezine is delivered each Thursday via email to subscribers only. It is free, we never send anything else, and we never sell or trade reader information. Nothin' but the Blues in your box every Thursday! Each issue contains interviews, reviews, Blues News, artist information, MP3 samples, the world's best Blues comic strip, and a fun Blues trivia game for cool prizes! And it's all FREE!

Mudcat Cafe - Dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of blues and folk music. Includes folk song database, forum, lyrics, and more.

Blues Revue - Dedicated to covering the full spectrum of the blues.

Blues Matters - Blues Matters is a blues record label and magazine based in the U.K., correctly insisting that, indeed, blues still matters.

Blues Festival Guide - Blues Festival Guide magazine and online directory of Blues festivals around the world with sections on organizations, news letters, and industry directory.

Living Blues Magazine - Living Blues is America's oldest and most authoritative blues magazine. Founded in Chicago in 1970, Living Blues has set the standard for blues journalism around the world.

Jefferson - Scandinavian blues magazine born in 1968. Site features articles, photographs, and other blues-related items.

Blues In Britain - Highlighting the best in the British blues scene. Each month, Blues In Britain magazine reports on the blues scene, with emphasis on what’s happening in the UK.

Big City Blues - Bimonthly blues music guide from Detroit, Michigan, USA, that keeps you in touch with the national blues scene with in-depth articles, interviews, great photographs and CD reviews.

Blues & Rhythm - Published ten times a year, Blues & Rhythm covers pre and post war blues, rhythm and blues, doo-wop vocal groups, vintage soul, gospel, and the contemporary blues scene with articles, interviews, discographies, regular feature columns, news, and CD, DVD, and book reviews.


Country Weekly - Your country music and entertainment magazine. No. 1-selling country music entertainment magazine, Country Weekly brings you the latest news and exclusive stories about the lives and lifestyles of country's hottest stars.

Country Standard Time - The latest country music news, articles, interviews, CD releases, CD reviews, and concert reviews. All things country. Covers mainstream and alternative country music, bluegrass, roots, and rockabilly.

MCN Country Music - Music City News. Featuring country music-related articles, columns, and artist interviews.


Mudcat Cafe - Dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of blues and folk music. Includes folk song database, forum, lyrics, and more.

fRoots - Roots, folk, and world music magazine. fRootsmag.com : home of the foremost world roots music magazine.

Musical Traditions - Musical Traditions is an online magazine celebrating all aspects of traditional music, from all parts of the world. It contains record, book and tape reviews, articles long and short, discographies, pictures, news and comment, letters, and information about the magazine - its history, plans, policies etc. It also publishes Musical Traditions Records: CD-Rs of important performers unavailable commercially.

Dirty Linen Magazine - Dirty Linen is the foremost U.S.-based magazine of folk and world music. It was founded in 1983 by T.J. McGrath of Fairfield, Connecticut, as Fairport Fanatics, a fan magazine for the British band Fairport Convention. In 1987, Paul Hartman took over as editor and publisher, expanded the coverage to include genres of roots music from many countries and cultures, and changed the name of the Baltimore, Maryland-based magazine to Dirty Linen.


Chaos Control - Chaos Control was one of the first online magazines, and over the past 15 years has accumulated an extensive collection of interviews. Acts covered over the years include Nine Inch Nails, New Order, Front Line Assembly, Ladytron, Jimmy Somerville, Pop Will Eat Itself, and many, many more!

Last Sigh - Online magazine with reviews, interviews, links to labels and bands in the noise, ambient, experimental, gothic, industrial and world music genres. Last Sigh Magazine/Last Sigh Press is an educational music research publication dedicated to research and documentation the International Underground Sub-culture music in the form of a web based and upcoming print publication(s), CD compilations and hard copy books.

Wrapped in Wire - Wrapped In Wire is your source for the electronic revolution! Industrial music, electronica, techno, metal, goth, darkwave, EBM, synthpop, cybercore, alternative, weird noise, and more underground music reviewed for your aural urges. Music review exile covering industrial, goth, electro, and general weirdness.

Induktion - Online music zine based on the elektro-industrial scene. It has interviews, reviews, shows and so on.


Down Beat Magazine - The online version of the leading jazz publication offers artist biographies, music reviews, and more. Over the decades it has instructed, recommended, criticized, praised, condemned, advocated and, in the aggregate, honored the most dynamic American music of the twentieth century.

All About Jazz - A site produced by jazz fans for jazz fans. Their mission is to provide information and opinion about jazz from the past, present, and future.

Jazz Improv Magazine - Jazz Improv Magazine is the most comprehensive periodical reference about jazz improvisation, designed for enthusiasts and improvisers alike. Jazz Improv is a magazine for all Jazz enthusiasts. Each reference-sized edition comes with a companion compact disc that provides jazz lovers an opportunity to preview full-length tracks from new and essential/reissued recordings by leading and emerging artists.

American Rag - Monthly newspaper with articles and reviews about traditional jazz and ragtime. America's Largest Traditional Jazz and Ragtime Newspaper.

JazzUSA - Monthly news and events in the jazz world, reviews, artist home pages, biographies, and more.


Metal Hammer - British hard rock and metal magazine with news, downloads, reviews, and more.

Metal Underground - Underground heavy metal news zine with band bios, reviews, interviews, tour dates and links to free metal videos and music downloads - updated daily

Metal Maniacs Online - Official site includes the latest news from the world of heavy metal music.

Aardschok - International hard rock and heavy metal magazine from the Netherlands.

Absolut Metal - Absolut Metal online A Haven For All That Is Heavy, heavy metal magazine featuring interviews, reviews, live pictures, news, tour dates, contests and more.

Mourning the Ancient - A webzine devoted to interviews and reviews of many black metal and death metal artists. Includes dark artistic photography samples, CD's for sale, poetry, articles, quotes and much more

Rock Brigade Magazine - Founded back in 1981, Rock Brigade magazine has tradition in South-American rock'n'roll market with total loyalty to rock'n'roll and tons of loyal readers. The answer for all this loyalty is simple: Rock Brigade is a honest magazine, hooked to readers roots and far far far from trend and fashionable music styles. Rock Brigade has its main office located in São Paulo but is totally connected to its representative in the U.S. (New York and California) and has contributors in England, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Germany and Japan.


Maximum Rocknroll - Maximumrocknroll is a widely distributed monthly fanzine dedicated to supporting the underground punk rock scene. MRR's 20-year plus history and large, obsessed all-volunteer staff has made its punk rock coverage the most consistently up-to-date and reliable around. Several major media conglomerates control most music produced today. In contrast, MRR reinforces the values of the punk underground by remaining independent and not-for-profit.

Caustic Truths - Punk resource online and in print. Includes latest news, reviews, and sounds in the area of punk, hardcore, garage, and other noize. Caustic Truths! central for Hard rock/heavy metal news podcast, and magazine

Punk Magazine - Established in 1976 and now back in print after a short pause.

Skratch Magazine - Covers punk, ska, emo, hardcore, and more. SkratchMagazine.com is the biggest free punk magazine and indie mag in the USA. Scratch punk mag prints 40,000 copies per month, while the web version receives over 25,000 unique hits per month.

The Punk Site - ThePunkSite.com is one of the most informative punk sites on the net, with 100s of reviews, interviews, articles, news and much more covering punk, ska, reggae, emo, screamo, hardcore, post-hardcore, indie, melodic hardcore and more.

R & B

Vibe - VIBE magazine is the definitive voice of urban culture, influencing global music, life, and style for more than eight million readers around the world. The award-winning publication is the nation's leader in reporting entertainment, fashion, politics, and culture features for a multicultural audience in print and online. VIBE's innovation, journalistic integrity, brand equity, and overall swagger make it the No. 1 reference choice among male and female trendsetters in small and large cities in the U.S. and abroad.

SoulCulture.co.uk - SoulCulture.co.uk is an online magazine that examines the culture and politics of soul, neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, funk, and blues.

Hip Hop

The Source - Magazine of hip-hop music, culture, and politics. Includes interviews, articles, music, videos, and more.

URB Magazine - Premier alternative music magazine covering all aspects of hip-hop and DJ culture.For 15 years, URB Magazine has delivered an authentic and credible voice to the music and culture simmering just below the surface of mainstream media. URB looks at the world through the lens of music, and reaches to the disparate genres of hip-hop, electronic and rock, connecting them in a single community

Spine Magazine - Magazine that  explores the hip-hop music and culture.

Stealth Magazine - Australasian hip-hop magazine with interviews, reviews, news and events, and more. Timeless stories from underground hip hop's most brilliant minds.

Scratch Magazine - Hip-hop DJ and production magazine featuring news, articles, interviews, and product reviews.

Hip Hop Roll - Hip Hop Roll is industry news, photos, and articles presented in a blog format and brows-able by subjects like romance, sightings, rumors, inverviews. Also includes bios for popular hip hop stars.


The Reggae Source - Features news, reviews, audio clips of new releases, artist information, clubs, and more.

JahWorks.org - Portrays Caribbean and African-based music and culture. JahWorks.org is a web-based project dedicated to portray Caribbean and African-based music and culture with accuracy and integrity, while upholding the values of truth, equality, justice, honesty, and tolerance.

Reggae Review - Monthly magazine featuring reviews of new reggae albums, interviews, lyrics, and news. Reggae, African, Caribbean and World music.

Jamrock Magazine - Jamrock is a premier glossy lifestyle publication with a distinctly Caribbean-American flair.
With a compelling global perspective on style, music, travel, entertaining, and beauty, Jamrock offers a unique mix of coverage that surpasses any Caribbean publication on the market.

Rock & Pop

Crawdaddy! - America's first rock magazine, published on and off from 1962 to 2003, was resurrected last year as a webzine that upholds Crawdaddy!'s reputation for thinking man's music writing. At www.crawdaddy.com, new interviews and reviews appear weekly to cover current acts such as the Black Keys and Islands; meanwhile, an archive of '60s-era back issues and ruminative new essays (topics range from Led Zeppelin to Nick Drake to the Feelies) offer the rarest quality of online content: depth.

Muse - Weekly e-zine: your online eyes and ears to the A to Z to music and back again. Irish music news, bands, gig reviews, charts, music reviews, boards, blogs, event listings and video.

Vintage Rock - Essays, listening room, and forum dedicated to the timeless rock bands of the past and present. Vintage Rock can be many things to many people. For our purposes, it is music that people have been digging for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years; it never fades and by the looks of things, it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

The Buzz- he Buzz Magazine has been printed now for over fifteen years, and is distributed monthly across two states. 8000 copies are available free at over 350 locations ranging from Central Melbourne, St. Kilda, Prahran, Carlton, Collingwood, South Yarra Caulfield, and outer Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Warragul, Bendigo, Lilydale, Williamstown and the Mornington Peninsula.

Skope - Skope magazine provides news, media, and forums about trend-setting artists and music culture. Skope Entertainment Inc. (SEI) is a full service music based media company. Skope has been in business since January 2001. Skope is headquartered in Boston, MA but has readers & staff from all over the globe. Skope covers and engages an audience of music enthusiasts with diverse music coverage for the digital age.

Bigmouth - U.K. music information station with tour dates, music events, and artist information.

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