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'72 Martin D35'72 Guild D25mYamaha CPX15eaHarmony Tenor

 Sent in by Pete R., from Florida, clockwise 1972 Martin D35, 1972 Guild D25M; (mahogany archback), 2007 Yamaha compass series CPX15EA, Harmony Tenor age unknown.  Pete has been in bands on and off since the '70s, but prefers doing solo acoustic blues. Writes and performs his own material.
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Warmoth Custom Strat

Sunshine's Strat

This nice "Lefty" was sent in by "Sunshine" from Florida. This Strat features a Warmoth Left handed Curly Koa body with a Right handed Curly Koa neck. Warmoth, for those who don't know, has been in the business of manufacturing High End guitar bodies and necks for 25 + years. Whether a standard replacement, or custom design body and neck, they offer some seriously exotic woods to choose from. Thanks Sunshine, Nice Axe!
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Now here's something you don't see everyday. (Click image to enlarge)

Gretsch X84393Gretsch X84393 Back

Gretsch Amp LogoGretsch Amp Back Logo

 This vintage 1957 Gretsch 6161 Amp was sent in by HDBluse of Florida. The serial number X84393  puts this amp in the 1957 "Electromatic" amp series, that was made by The Valco Company for Gretsch. Valco, best known for the Supro line of amps, also manufactured Gretsch's amps through the 1950s and '60s. In addition to Gretsch and Supro, Valco also made amps for National, Oahu, Airline and other brands, and the same amp design would be sold under the different brands, sometimes with small alterations for each particular brand.
  Gretsch amps were offered in at least five basic styles, with the earliest ones usually covered in a tweed material. Beginning sometime around 1954 or '55, tweed was phased out in favor of a charcoal gray cloth with silver streaks in it. These late '50s "Electromatic" amps have a very distinctive appearance, especially with the wrap-around speaker grill used on many of the Valco models . It should be noted that "Electromatic" does not refer to any particular amp, but instead refers to the range of amps, just as Synchromatic or Electromatic do not refer to a particular guitar. During this period the amps were also offered in "Chet Atkins" trim, covered in white with brown leather decoration These are often referred to as Western or Cowboy amps. Note the two 6"x9", (possibly 4ohm), main speakers and 4" round "tweeter".
 Amp may not look like much but it has a nice warm tone, and outside of re-soldering a loose wire, it is totally original and works great.


Aria Lap Steel . (Click image to enlarge)
Another one for the "Don't see everyday category"

Aria Lap Steel 2Aria Logo

 This vintage Aria Lap Steel was sent in by HDBluse of Florida. Found in a thrift shop. No further info on date of manufacture, no visible serial number, but it's fun to play and has a nice sound, especially when plugged in to the above mentioned Gretsch Amp.
 Aria was founded in 1956 by Mr. Shiro Arai. The first instruments that Aria manufactured were classical guitars, which rapidly became popular in the world-wide guitar community. Building upon that initial success Aria expanded their product line to include electric instruments and an impressive array of acoustic instruments. Today, Aria's headquarters are located in Nagoya, Japan.


2009 Fender D8S (Left) - 1978 Hohner HG 12 (Center) - 2000 Martin D 15 (Right)
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John's Guitars

 Sent in by John, a solo Bluegrass musician, from Kenhorst Pennsylvania. John's axes include a 2009 Fender D8S (Left) - 1978 Hohner HG 12 (Center) - 2000 Martin D 15 (Right). The Fender (DG-8S) is a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top and one of Fender's more popular acoustics. The HG-12 Is a nice work-horse guitar from the 150+ years old Hohner company and as a '78 claims vintage status. The 2000 Martin D15 is of mahogany construction and this dreadnought is reminiscent of the 15 Series guitars of the 1940s. This Martin dreadnought is part of the re-introduction of mahogany-top guitars to Martin's line.
 Fender (founded in 1946), Hohner (founded in 1857), and Martin (founded in 1833) have, collectively, been in the business of instrument manufacturing for nearly 400 years. Thanks for sharing John.


The Hive by TJ Monster Guitars.

Sent in by " Wikked Wing" from Niles Michigan - This is "The Hive" built by my friend TJ from TJMonster Guitars . Hopefully more info to come on TJMonster Guitars



TJMonster Guitars



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