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Adobe Audition - Music recording, music mixing, music editing, and mastering — This software, originally called Cool Edit Pro, was renamed Adobe Audition after Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired the technology assets of Syntrillium Software in May 2003. This new version does everything the original did and more! You can add special effects, slow down/speed up tempo without affecting pitch, translate one audio format to another, or practically anything else you'd want to do to audio. http://www.adobe.com/products/audition/

Adobe Audition

Audacity - If you can't afford Adobe Audition, then Audacity is your best bet! And the price is right - Free! It's open source. Download it and try it out! http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Audacity Music Software

ACID Pro 6 - Professional music workstation. - In the world of digital music creation, ACID Pro software has always stood out from the crowd. Its automatic loop time-stretching and tempo-matching technology is second-to-none, and its straightforward pick, paint, and play functionality has helped make ACID Pro software the favorite loop-based music creation tool for millions of users worldwide. Now reformulated to add multi-track recording and full MIDI sequencing to its superior looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 software delivers a new formula for ground-breaking music creation: loops + multi-track + MIDI. Together, these key components add up to a full-featured professional music workstation unlike any other.

Acid Pro Music Software

AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio - AudioMulch is software for real-time sound synthesis, music composition and performance-oriented audio processing.http://www.audiomulch.com/

AudioMulch Music Studio

Cakewalk - is the world’s leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording . These products include award-winning digital audio workstations and sequencers, fully-integrated music software and hardware solutions, recording software, editing software, and innovative virtual instruments.

Fleximusic - FlexiMusic turns your home PC into a complete music studio. You will find FlexiMusic products to be fun, easy to use and economical, no matter what your experience level. FlexiMusic offers; Wave Editor an easy-to-use audio editor for professionals and home users, a Music Composer multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing, a Music Generator to generate musical and non-musical sounds, and a Music Orchestra for virtual musical instruments on your PC. Their Music composer also comes in a easy to use version for children. http://www.fleximusic.com/

FlexiMusic Studio Software

Finale 2009 – the world’s most powerful music notation software – lets you express your creativity and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music. http://www.finalemusic.com/

Finale Music Composition Software

SONAR 7 Studio Edition - offers the best creative tools, and the most power of any digital audio workstation in its price range. Built upon the same core feature set as SONAR 7 Producer Edition, SONAR 7 Studio Edition gives users the edge in their productions—from recording audio and MIDI, composing with virtual instruments, re-mixing with loops, mixing with professional effects, to delivery of a polished final track—with the recognized best audio quality of the industry. http://www.cakewalk.com/

Mackie Tracktion Music Production Software - Get started making music fast on Mac or PC with the Tracktion 3 Project Bundle, a complete production package with dozens of bundled plug-ins and samples. Based on a simple, single-screen interface with Loop Browser, Tracktion 3 keeps your music flowing, not locked in menus. http://www.mackie.com/products/tracktion3/index.html

Guitar Chords Laboratory  - For all your guitar chord needs. http://www.guitar-chords-laboratory.com/

Guitar Chords

Guitar Pro - Guitar Pro is a multi-track tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass. Besides writing scores, Guitar Pro is a useful resource for guitarists from beginner to experienced levels to progress , compose , or simply accompany themselves. http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php

Guitar Pro Software

G7 Guitar Studio - a computer program for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh for writing guitar music and songs, developed by UK software company Sibelius Software and based on the Sibelius notation program. http://www.sibelius.com/home/index_flash.html


Sibelius - This powerful, yet easy to use music notation and composition program is perfect for aspiring composers and songwriters.

Sibellius Music Composition

Sound Forge 9 - Professional digital audio production suite. The Sound Forge 9 professional digital audio production music software includes everything you need to quickly get from raw audio to finished master. Recording music , editing music and music mixing-Use this suite to create and edit stereo and multi-channel audio files with speed and precision. Efficiently analyze, record and edit audio, digitize and restore old recordings, model acoustic environments, design sound for multimedia, and master replication-ready CDs. http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/products/product.asp?pid=431

Sound Forge - Award-winning music software Sound Forge digital audio editing software includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, and MP3. Whether you're new to editing audio or you're a seasoned audio engineer, there is a Sound Forge product that is right for you.

Steinberg Sequel Software Music Studio - Sequel combines intuitive tools and gives you the power to record edit mix and perform music with great-sounding loops instruments and effects quickly and easily. http://www.steinbergusers.com/

Steinberg Cubase SE 3 - Music Creation and Production System. Cubase is Steinberg's premier music production tool, offering unsurpassed audio and MIDI recording facilities on either PC or Mac platforms. http://www.steinbergusers.com/

Steinberg WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software  - WaveLab 6 is the all-in-one solution for professional mastering, high resolution multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design and radio broadcast work right through to complete CD/DVD-A production. Already a standard application for digital audio editing and processing due to its outstanding flexibility and pristine audio quality, WaveLab is used worldwide by top professionals and audio enthusiasts alike. http://www.steinbergusers.com/


Media Players

J River Media Center - a powerful solution for PC music, video, and images.  It can organize and play collections of more than 100,000 files.

Real Player - Offers a download for the all-in-one media player, music jukebox, and media browser.

Adobe Media Player - Download your favorite Internet TV content, track and download new episodes automatically, and manage your personal video library for viewing at your convenience. http://www.adobe.com/products/mediaplayer/

Winamp - the ultimate media player that plays your audio and video files, ... Winamp Media Player. Winamp Search. Winamp Toolbar. Winamp Remote. Winamp . http://www.winamp.com/player

Windows Media Player 11 - offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your digital media. It's easier than ever to access all of your music, videos, pictures, and recorded TV on your computer. Play it, view it, organize it, or sync it to a portable device for enjoying on the go, or share with devices around your home—all from one place. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/default.mspx

XMPlay - an audio player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 / WMA / WAV / CDA / MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX audio formats, and PLS / M3U / ASX / WAX play lists. A load more formats are also supported via plug-ins. When XMPlay was first released in 1998, only the XM format was supported, hence the name "XMPlay". http://www.un4seen.com/




Fruity Loops - FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Windows PCs (or Intel Mac/ Bootcamp). This software began as a simple drum loop creator but has developed into a complete song creation tool.

PC Drummer - Use PC Drummer to quickly and easily create great sounding drum music at a fraction of the cost of a physical drum machine. The built-in sounds are sampled from actual instruments so your tracks will sound real, not synthesized. With PC Drummer you can add your own instrument samples and export drum tracks in midi or wav formats to programs like Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Acid Pro, Cubase, Traction or Adobe Audition.

iDrum  - Adds the missing ingredient to your computer-based recording studio—a fully programmable drum machine. It’s just as easy to use as hardware drum machines, and offers all the flexibility of a software-based virtual instrument. iDrum integrates seamlessly with Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Ableton Live, Sonar, Cubase and other digital audio workstations—or you can run it as a standalone application. Create drum patterns in iDrum right alongside your existing tracks, perfectly in time, all the time. Or use iDrum as the backbeat when you’re laying down new tracks. Use the hundreds of included pre-programmed patterns and rhythms or roll your own. http://www.m-audio.com/

Superior Drummer 2.0 - is a complete overhaul of the original dfh Superior engine and has been redeveloped for optimized use with e-drums and more effective use of sample layers and improved loading times. It includes custom MIDI, played by Nir Z, and, accessed through the all new customized MIDI engine and arranger EZplayer pro which is included in the package. It also features stand-alone capacity through Toontrack solo.

Pro Tools - Pro Tools is a fully integrated computer-based recording and mixing system that enables you to make professional recordings with a computer. Pro Tools is comprised of various hardware and software components that work together seamlessly, empowering you to accomplish everything from composing music and recording audio to making the most detailed post-production edits — all within a single environment.

Beat Creator - Create bass and snare mono samples at 44.1 khz. It can also create great Drum 'n' Bass style bass samples.Shareware.

Drumsite - This software drum machine uses CD quality sampled sounds. It exports WAV songs limited to 32,768 bars maximum length. Time signature changes are supported as are user definable drum sets with an unlimited number of instruments.Shareware.

Mixcraft 4 - Affordable multi-track audio and MIDI recording studio that enables you to compose original music, record your band, create a podcast, or remix a song. Use it as a multi-track recorder or as a music loop remix program.

Drumstation DT-010 - An easy to use software computer for creating techno-dance loops. Eight drum channels, exports WAV files, effects, and automatic loop stretching. http://www.d-lusion.com/News.html

HammerHead Rhythm Station - Here's a simple TR-909 like drum computer program that's perfect for Techno loops, Jungle patterns or House beats. Includes six separate channels, 29 built-in drum sounds, six complete breakbeats and you can import six samples of your own. Plus it's Freeware!

leafDrums - You can easily put together a drum pattern using sounds from standard .wav or .ogg audio files (a basic set of drum sounds is included). Audio effects like distortion allow you to customize the sounds. http://www.leafdigital.com/software/leafdrums/

MAGIX Music Maker 14 - complete studio environment for music production that is up-gradeable via VST technology.

Magix Guitar Workshop 2nd Edition - The fast and easy way to learn guitar! Step-by-step video lessons from professional instructors will have beginners playing guitar with the very first lesson. More advanced players will learn the latest techniques to refine their skills.

Magix Piano & Keyboard Workshop 2nd Edition - The easy way to learn keyboard!The fast and easy way to learn keyboard. Step-by-step video lessons from professional instructors will have beginners playing piano or keyboard with the first lesson. More advanced players will learn the latest techniques to refine their skills. The easy way to learn keyboard. http://www.magix.com/us/

Myriad Software - These shareware programs can be run in six different languages and include music notation, music recognition, virtual singer software, and more. http://www.myriad-online.com/en/index.htm

Native Instruments - Battery drum synthesizer that does a whole lot more than just drums.

PC Drummer - Use PC Drummer to quickly and easily create great sounding drum music at a fraction of the cost of a physical drum machine. The built-in sounds are sampled from actual instruments so your tracks will sound real, not synthesized.

Stomper Hyperion 5.0 - STOMPER Hyperion is a Microsoft Windows (click here if you have a Macintosh) software synthesis program for drum-like sounds. STOMPER Hyperion uses a very simple synthesis method, mixing pitch-shifting narrow-band noise sources or pure sine waves (zero bandwidth noise, really) together to one sound. http://www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/stomper/index2.html

Propellerhead Software - Propellerhead Software is one of the world's leading makers of software musical instruments. It pioneered the concept of computer based software synthesis, invented the concept of "recycling” sampled sound material and continues to raise the bar for quality, usability and new technology in software based music making. http://www.propellerheads.se/

Pro Tools  - Digidesign® Pro Tools 7.4 software features exciting new tools and functionality ideal for music creation and post production, making it the most powerful Pro Tools software ever. Featuring the time-manipulating power of Elastic Time, Pro Tools 7.4 software will inspire you to approach your projects in creative new ways. Working with tempo and time-based sessions is easier and more efficient and imaginative than ever before.

SoundPlant - Soundplant turns the computer keyboard into a customizable sound triggering device and real-time digital audio performance tool.



Music Notation

Notation Technologies - Play Music is an affordable 24 stave, 8 voices per stave entry-level Notation Program that includes over 31 templates and 21 Sample Songs. You don't need any music theory knowledge to use it.

Overture 3 - One of the easiest to use music notation programs. Download a free trial version and check out Score Writer, Overture's less expensive music notation program. http://geniesoft.com/

intelliScore - IntelliScore Ensemble is the only product in the world that helps you transcribe music by converting multiple-instrument CD audio, WAV, MP3, and WMA files to multi-track MIDI (.mid) files containing the notes played, broken down by instrument.

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