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  All submissions to Aces and Eighths of musical works remain the sole property of the respective artists and /or submitter (in cases where the submitter "is" the original composer), with all rights reserved exclusively to the artist. Aces and Eights assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any acts of plagiarism in an attempt to pass off someone else's work as your own. All copyrights existing or pending by the original artist(s) for all works appearing on Aces and Eighths remain the property of that artist.
   If you submit original material we will include the time, date, and © notification on the submission with your name to legally protect your work from copyright infringement. If you wish to include an audio/video of your "original" work we will post it for listeners to enjoy, and the submission of any audio/video is with the implied permission for use on Aces and Eighths. To Reiterate Aces and Eighths assumes no responsibility for copyright infringement or plagiarism on submitted materials.

Aces & Eighths does not store/retain any personal info from any submission, and does not use any info recieved for resale or use by any other person.

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