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Recording studios generally consist of three rooms: the studio itself, where the sound for the recording is created (often referred to as the "live room"), the control room, where the sound from the studio is recorded and manipulated, and the machine room, where noisier equipment that may interfere with the recording process is kept. Recording studios are carefully designed around the principles of room acoustics to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for recording sound with precision and accuracy. This will consist of both room treatment (through the use of absorption and diffusion materials on the surfaces of the room, and also consideration of the physical dimensions of the room itself in order to make the room respond to sound in a desired way) and soundproofing (to provide sonic isolation between the rooms). A recording studio may also include additional rooms, such as a vocal booth - a small room designed for voice recording, as well as one or more extra control rooms. The following lists some of the major companies/suppliers of necessary equipment, from digital to analog , mixing, recording, storage and soundproofing.


Recording / Studio

Allen Heath - ART - Behringer - Crown Audio - DBX - DigiTech - Fostex - Frontier Design Group - Furman Sound
HHB - Hinton Instruments - Mackie - Soundcraft - Speck Electronics - AMS Neve - Euphonix - Harrison - Alesis
Antares Audio - TC-Helicon - Presonus - Soundproofing - Rack/Storage

Allen Heath - is a company based in Penryn, Cornwall, UK, specialising in the manufacture of audio mixing consoles. Allen & Heath also makes sound management systems for industrial installations and DJ mixers for nightclubs. Allen & Heath is now part of D&M Holdings. Founded in 1969 by Andy Bereza, Ivor Taylor, and Andrew Stirling. In the early 70's Allen & Heath built a custom quadraphonic mixing console for the band Pink Floyd, the MOD1, which used by Alan Parsons to mix their live performances. The MOD1 can be seen in their movie "Live at Pompeii". Allen & Heath was the first manufacture to mount pots and switches on the input channel circuit board. These were the first modular mixers where sub-systems could be replaced as a unit. Allen & Heath was the first company to make a small mixer, a 6 channel, 2 output transistorized mixer called the MiniMixer. The Allen & Heath Syncron A mixer was the first to use op-amps. The Allen & Heath CMC console was the first console to use a microprocessor to integrate MIDI capabilities with a mixer. The GL2 console combined Front Of House (FOH) and stage monitor functionality into a single mixer, what is called a "dual function" mixer.

ART - is a company comprised of musicians, engineers and recording enthusiasts. Since its inception in 1984, we have been striving to redefine the performance versus price barrier with a series of innovative new audio products designed with the needs of the musician in mind. With a full line of vacuum tube preamplifiers and compressors that deliver unmatched warmth, tone and character; innovative Graphic Equalizers that actually show you exactly where feedback may occur, and a full compliment of cool little useful tools designed for stage and studio, ART offers affordable audio solutions that deliver unmatched quality, tone, versatility and reliability.

Behringer - designs and manufactures a full line of professional audio products for musicians and sound engineers. Our products include mixing consoles, analog and digital signal processors, guitar amplifiers, studio reference monitors, microphones and public address enclosures. BEHRINGER was founded in Germany in 1989. Today, it has business presence in 10 countries and territories around the world. With these points of presence and an international network of distributors and dealers, Behringer products are sold in more than 125 countries.

Crown Audio - is a manufacturer of audio electronics, and is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries. Today the company is known primarily for its power amplifiers, but has also manufactured microphones, a line of commercial audio products as well as digital audio networking products. International Radio and Electronics Corporation (IREC) was established in 1947 by Clarence C. Moore, an Elkhart, Indiana minister. The company started out building rugged, open reel tape recorders for use by missionaries in far off parts of the world. A converted chicken coop served as the first manufacturing facility. In the 1960s, the company's name was changed to "Crown International", as suggested by Moore's wife and co-founder, Ruby, as she felt the name "International Radio and Electronics Corporation" was too long, and because the emblem on many of their tape recorders was a crown. In 1975, the company's name was changed to Crown International, Inc., as voted by the stockholders.

DBX - is a producer of professional audio recording equipment. It was founded by David E. Blackmer in 1971. The original company goal was: "To get closer to the realism of a live performance." Its early products were based on the concept of using decibel expansion which gave the company its name. Dbx is best known for the dbx noise reduction system. The dbx noise reduction system used compression while recording an audio track and symmetric expansion when playing it back. They also manufactured the Model 700, a unique but short-lived studio recording system, briefly popular in some circles as a mastering format.The most important inventions of David Blackmer and dbx are the dbx voltage controlled amplifier or VCA and the dbx RMS detector. The original dbx 202 VCA was based on the Blackmer gain cell and was referred to as the dbx 202 "Black Can" VCA. They were built using discrete transistors that were hand matched while running at an elevated temperature in an oven. While noisy and having significant distotion, they exceeded by far the performance of other VCAs of the time. These VCAs were used in most early automated mixing boards.

DigiTech - A leading manufacturer of guitar, studio, and vocal effects processing and provides an extensive line of products to meet the needs of audio professionals.

Fostex - is a Japanese manufacturer of loudspeakers and professional audio equipment. The company is headquartered in Tokyo and was founded in 1973. The company along with TASCAM pioneered affordable multitrack recording equipment and was the first to offer an eight-track reel-to-reel multitrack that used affordable 1/4" tape. It competed with Tascam and Yamaha with a full line of products for the home/semi-pro recording studio market including an extensive line of cassette based multitracks. Fostex's current product range includes digital multitrack recording equipment, loudspeaker drivers, studio monitors, microphones and headphones. Many production sound mixers for motion pictures use the Fostex Field Memory Recorder (FR-2), which makes records audio and stores recordings as wav files, as their recording device for sync sound. Fostex drivers are popular in the DIY speaker building community, because they have a large selection of full-range drivers that work well in transmission lines and are very efficient.

Frontier Design Group - audio, interfaces, converters, digital patch bays, computer recording, computer audio, DAWs, ADAT interfaces, digital audio, SMPTE interfaces. Frontier Design Group is committed to keeping their eyes on the new frontiers of audio equipment design. Always able to find the right solutions for the needs of audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, new Frontier tools will continue to push the boundaries of our creative imagination.

Furman Sound - Furman Sound has been producing high-quality, professional products since 1974. Our products fall into two broad categories: the audio and video signal processors (on which the company was founded) and the innovative AC power conditioning and distribution products for which we are best known. Applications for these products are no longer limited to music, but also span a wide range of markets. rofessional Audio/Video products include sound reinforcement, home and professional recording, post production, broadcast systems, telecommunications, and data processing.

HHB- Essential Tools for Audio Professionals, from recording media to sound processing to recording.

Hinton Instruments - provides a range of audio engineering services for the professional recording, film, broadcast and entertainment industries. Hinton Instruments has over 30 years experience with the design and installation of recording studios, the design of recording equipment and its day to day use. Many studios are badly designed. They may look good in a brochure picture, but become a nightmare to work in. Others grow without proper planning and spend more time being fixed and chasing hums and buzzes than being used. Hinton can help you build a reliable installation with day to day ergonomics, maintenance and future expansion all taken into consideration. Hinton's experience of installing large analogue and digital studios and working in them afterwards is equally applicable to smaller studios.

Mackie - World leader in the development of professional audio gear,located in Woodinville, WA, USA. LOUD Technologies Inc. LOUD Technologies Inc. is one of the world’s largest dedicated pro audio and music products companies. As the corporate parent for world-recognized brands including Alvarez, Ampeg, Crate, EAW, Knilling, Mackie, SIA and TAPCO, LOUD Technologies Inc. produces a wide range of digital recording products, loudspeakers, commercial audio systems, audio and music software, guitars, guitar and bass amplifiers, and orchestral string instruments. Additionally, LOUD Technologies is one of the largest distributors of branded pro audio and music accessories. Wherever there is music making, live performance, audio recording or playback, LOUD Technologies is there.

Soundcraft - Soundcraft's product range extends from audio mixers for musicians and home studios, up to complex professional fully modular mixing boards for both front of house and monitor mixing, recording studios, radio and TV studios, edit suites and OB trucks.  Soundcraft has a network of 88 distributors selling and supporting its products world-wide. Part of the Harman Pro Group, Soundcraft is still very much the dedicated professional mixing console designer and manufacturer it was back in 1973. It now boasts a range of mixers which are designed for use in live sound, recording, post-production, TV and radio production and disco applications. Harman is an international company which comprises a group of dedicated manufacturers of audio equipment spanning professional audio, in-car systems, multimedia and hi-fi consumer products.

Speck Electronics - is a manufacturer of high quality audio mixers, equalizers, and other fine professional audio products. Speck has been producing quality audio mixers, equalizers, and preamps for all segments of professional audio recording and touring for over 30 years. Products include the MicPre 5.0 microphone preamp, the Model ASC equalizer, and the Xtramix compact audio mixer. The newest additions to our product line are the LiLo and X.Sum line mixers.Future goals are to continue to expand product line with analog hardware that is complementary to digital recording.

AMS Neve PLC - A world leader in the manufacture of professional audio equipment. Supplies digital and analogue mixing consoles and hard disk recorder/editors for film and video post-production, broadcast, music recording and live/theatre applications. For more than 40 years AMS Neve has represented the pinnacle of professional audio design and engineering. More than a hundred world class analogue and digital designers, software specialists and audio purists spend their days dedicated to the advancement and evolution of professional audio products and workflows. From its headquarters in northern England, AMS Neve has built a leading presence in the ultra high-end feature film scoring and mixing environments, the post-production and broadcast industries as well as in professional and project music studios worldwide.

Euphonix, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets digitally controlled audio mixing consoles and accessories for use in production of audio content for music, post production for film and television, broadcast, live sound reinforcement and multimedia world-wide markets. Euphonix, a leading manufacturer of large-format digital audio consoles, media controllers, and peripherals, has provided customers worldwide with trusted broadcast, post, live sound, and music production solutions for over 20 years. Euphonix consoles and controllers offer uncompromised design and fully integrated networked control of external workstations on Mac and PC platforms. They span the entire spectrum of media production, from the highest end professional installations to products designed for use in home and project-based studios. Euphonix is based in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. Founded in 1988, Euphonix has satisfied more large-format digital console users worldwide than any other manufacturer and continues to redefine the state of the art with its new slim-line controller products.

Harrison by GLW - Manufactures and supports professional audio mixing consoles for the film, video, post-production, broadcast, live sound reinforcement, and music recording industries. From its Nashville Tennessee facilities, Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format, professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets. Harrison Consoles are used in premier facilities around the world.

Alesis - Established in 1980, Alesis was founded on innovative semi-conductor chip technology and award winning industrial designs that allowed entry level musicians and recording artists to afford professional studio recording products that were never affordable before. With high “bang for the buck” value, Alesis introduced the world’s first professional 16 bit effects processor under $1000, the Midiverb. Following on the heels of the Midiverb, Alesis progressed into studio quality drum machines (HR-16 and SR-16) as well as synthesizers, studio monitors and mixing consoles.manufactures a full line of professional audio and musical instrument products. Alesis products include keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, electronic drums, mixers, signal processors, effects units, amplifiers and speakers. Alesis delivers revolutionary product solutions to the music and audio production industries.

Antares Audio Technologies  - develops innovative DSP-based audio hardware and software products that provide musicians, producers and engineers with creative capabilities that they may never have imagined possible. Antares Audio Technologies was founded in 1990 as Jupiter Systems by Dr. Harold (Andy) Hildebrand. From 1976 through 1989, Dr. Andy had worked as a research scientist in the geophysical industry, producing groundbreaking work for Exxon Production Research and Landmark Graphics, a company he co-founded to create the world's first stand-alone seismic data interpretation workstation. Upon leaving Landmark in 1989, he returned to one of his first loves, music, studying music composition at the Shepard School of Music at Rice University.

TC-Helicon - vocal processors for stage and studio. Products focus on removing barriers and inspiring creativity in performance. That's why our products range from near-field personal vocal monitors to floor-based vocal multi-effects pedals.“TC” are the initials of TC-Group, which owns TC-Helicon. TC-Group is a holding company for five pro audio brands that share common values in producing premium, ambitious and creative audio products.

PreSonus -Jim Odom, musician, producer, and LSU graduate in Electrical Engineering founded PreSonus in 1995 with the goal of building professional and affordable music production tools for musicians and audio engineers. Presonus began in Jim’s garage and moved to the second floor of Causey’s Furniture in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where it stayed its first three years. PreSonus’ first product, the award-winning DCP8, digitally controlled 8-channel compressor/limiter/gate, holds a patent for analog control over digital circuitry. Truly ahead of its time, the DCP8 was designed for the studio engineer to insert 8 channels of analog compression with the ability to save, recall and automate settings which where features only found in mixing consoles costing more than $100,000.

Soundproofing Materials - www.auralex.com/

Studio Furniture - www.omnirax.com - www.studiorta.com  - www.raxxess.com

For Recording/Studio Gear - zZounds

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