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Scientists have discovered a new disease they call IIM, (imbecilioticmoronitis), which has no symptoms, and can only be diagnosed by absurdly stupid behavior on the part of those afflicted. The following characters have shown symptoms and should probably seek medical attention immediately. Some oldies, but goodies. Showcasing the antics of Joaquin Phoenix, Michael and Janet Jackson, Danzig, Beyonce, Gene Simmons, Nirvana, etc....

Children Shouldn't Play With Matches

Number 1 candidate for the disease, is the award winning Michael Jackson matchstick impersonation, which I know we've all seen before. But hey! It's funny! You'd think there'd be more flames, with the hair gel and all.

Not to be outdone by Michael, Gene Simmons had to do his own version of the matchstick, and while Mikeys version was not of his own device, Gene can't make the same claim.

The Gravity Surge

What goes up must come down, just ask Beyonce. This award winning performance clearly shows that spike heels and steep stairways don't mix.

As Joaquin Phoenix goes deeper and deeper into the dark side we should be seeing more and more videos like this. Thanks Joaquin.

Saturday Night Fights

Just in case you had any doubts that Phoenix has gone over to the dark side.

Duck, duck, owww! Too late! This guy had enough stuff on that shot to take out two more people.

Saturday night fights - The Solos.

Again what goes up must come down.

Newtons third law of motion in action.

And the general screw ups.

Another classic from the Jackson family. What would we do without them? Oh, by the way, there is no cure for IIM

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